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Review: 6th Jun 2006

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1# Jiu or Chiew

Wine written in Chinese character

The word wine in simplified Chinese using hanyu pinyin transliterating , it translated into Roman
alphabets it spell "Jiu" and in traditional Chinese or dialects translated into Roman alphabets it spell "Chiew".
All three words Jiu, Chiew and the Chinese character are translated into the word wine in English language.

"Jiu" or "Chiew" which are refer to all type of alcoholic beverages. For all type of Chinese liquors
and liqueurs, we commonly called it as Chinese wines in English, but it doesn't refer it as grape wine.
Grape wine is always refer as pu tao jiu in Chinese, the words pu tao meant grape and pu tao + jiu = Grape wine.

Note: Hanyu pinyin is a system for transliterating written Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet.
Words that are underline are in hanyu pinyin.

Cooking with Chinese Wine

1# Three Cup Chicken


1 Chicken - chopped into small chunks
5 Slices of old ginger
8 Cloves garlic - peel
3 Stalks fresh basil
1 Red chili - cut into bite size
1 Cup chinese rice wine - acl/vol 18% ~25%
1 Cup sesame oil
1 Cup dark soy sauce
1 Tsp sugar


Step 1: Heat the sesame oil in your wok / clay pot.

Step 2: Add ginger first for stir-fry and then add in garlic stir-fry until golden brown.

Step 3: Add chicken stir-fry 3 ~ 5 minutes.

Step 4: Add dark soy sauce, rice wine and sugar.

Step 5: Cook over medium ~ high heat, cover and simmer for about 10~ 15 minutes, stir occasionally, until most of the liquid is dry out.

Step 6: About 30 seconds ~ 1 minute before turn out the flame, stir in the chili and basil.

Step 7: Ready to serve...


Best sever with rice!
Best to cook in a clay pot!
Use only fresh basil!
Don't simmer for too long or the chicken will be too dry!
Don't burn the ginger and garlic on stir-fry!


Try your luck, there is notting to lose!
Pull the handle to start!


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