Oversea Chinese Wine

Don't be surprise to find chinese miniature liquors that is not produced in china! Actually, chinese liquors have been produced in number of countries beside china,
that have been recover in years of my miniature bottle collection, and more will be discover now and then, I will needed your help for recover more bottles for my collection,
If you have see them, saw them on your local liquor store or have them in your collection and don't want them, do let me know i will buy or trade them.
Please contact me at sanlowalan@yahoo.com

United States of America
Siao Xing Rice Winw
Wu Chai Pi chiew

The Netherlands
Bamboo Leaf Liqueur
Mei Kuei Lu Chiew
Xin Gu Liqueur
Xiang Tiao liqueur

United Kingdom
South Korea
Ming chinese Ly-chee liqueur
Korea ginseng Wine
Wu Chai Pi chiew
Minh Mang Special Emperor Liquor

Last update: 12th Oct 2007
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