The Pearl of The East

Hong Kong in Chinese is translated as fragrant harbor is also named the pearl of the Orients.
An special administrative region of China on the coast southeast of Guangzhou.

On this Hong Kong miniature bottles page, I have feature "Sam Seng" miniature glass bottle. Sam Seng winery was founded in 1971 by Mr. Hee Li ,
Sam Seng winery manufactures and distributes over a dozen varieties of medicinal wine and Chinese wine, one of the state-of-the-art winery in Hong Kong.
Sam Seng, which translates as "the previous life, current life and the next life."

Kao Ling Wine
Mei Kuei lu Wine
Chu Yeh Ching Chiew
Speciality San Shu Chiew

Old Leechee Chiew
Ginseng Wine
Ginseng Wine
Ginseng Wine

Gui Fa Chan Wine
Rhizoma Gastrodiae Wine
Tiger Bond Tonicture
Luk Yung Tai Pao Wine

Ja Fan Wine
Ling Chi Chiew
Pien Chiew
Nan Tsu Shou Wu Chiew

San Hua Wine
Mei Ku Hung Chiew
Pek Lu chiew
Po Ho Chiew

Pik Luk Wine
Mei Ku Lu Wine
Shao Hsing Wine
Hong Mei Ku Wine

Last update: 13th SEP 2005
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